Distressed Chalkboard

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)


The idea is to add a few DIY projects to add character to your wedding. BUT it is important to find reason behind what projects you choose. Otherwise, you are just adding work to your plate that won’t really say anything about you as a couple. For instance, I am an artist and a writer. Need I say more about why we went with chalkboards?


Here’s how I made them…

You see, I am more like a cook than a chef…so…



1. Head over to your nearest Staples and buy whatever size chalkboard interests you.
2. While you are there, pick up some paint in the color theme of your wedding along with small bottles of dark brown and white.
3. Head over to your nearest Home Depot and pick up some sand paper and that blue painters tape.
4. As a bride, I know you have been to a bundle of paper stores. If you are in NYC, check out Paper Presentation. Do head over there and pick up some decorative paper (ideally a fun pattern that works in the color scheme of your wedding) that is big enough to cover the back of your chalkboard.
5. While you are there, pick up a spray adhesive and exacto knife.


1. Scissors.
2. Tarp or newspaper.
3. Cup for dirty paint water.
4. Paint palette or tin foil.
5. Hammer.


1. Throw down a tarp.
2. Fill your cup with room temperature water and sit it on the tarp.
3. Place your chalkboard face up and line its edges (on the actual writing surface) with the tape.
4. Grab your sand paper and sand away at the frame of your chalkboard. The less finishing on it, the easier the paint will adhere to it. (DO NOT throw away your sand paper. You will need it again later.)
5. Put a clump of each paint color on your tin foil or palette. Make sure to be generous with your main (wedding) color.
6. Go ahead and lather your first layer of paint on the frame. (remember to get the inner and outer edges.)
7. Let dry.
8. Lightly add some of that brown and white to small areas of your frame. (it won’t look great now…don’t give up.)
9. Let dry.
10. Add more of your wedding color. You will have to do a few layers of this. (remember to let each layer dry before adding an additional one. If you don’t, it will just get all mushed around)
11. The beautiful part…grab that sand paper again and lightly sand the areas that don’t look as nice. Let it chip a little. While the browns and whites add to the distressed look by taking away the evenness of your main color, the sand paper gives it tangible texture.
12. While your at it…grab your hammer and bang up the edges SLIGHTLY!  Don’t over do it.
13. When you are satisfied with the look, let’s finish off the project. Flip over your chalkboard and spray the back with the adhesive.
14. Lay your fun decorative paper over the back of the chalkboard. Use the palms of your hands to smooth it down from the middle to the edges so as to not get any bubbles.
15. Let dry.
16. Carefully grab your exacto knife and trim off the edges of the paper.
17. Voila…I know, I know, if you are reading this through before starting, it doesn’t seem like a “voila” moment after 17 steps. BUT the steps are really easy and somewhat mindless. So just turn on some of your favorite dvr or Hulu shows and have at it.


Once the wedding is over…KEEP YOUR CHALKBOARD! Mount it in your kitchen for quick errand notes. This is a great way to immortalize a personal piece of your big day!



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