Location. Location. Location.

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)


This can be a time consuming hunt, or it can be as easy as you two falling in love with the first place you walk into. Allow for the latter. It is really easy to assume that there is something better out there when in reality, if you like—or better yet, LOVE—a venue. GRAB IT. The idea is that you will add your own touches that will take a nice location to YOUR LOCATION.


We visited about five different locations on lunch breaks and what-not.

Side note: an unlimited metro card will definitely SAVE YOU MONEY in this wedding planning process.

Back to our story…after going into event spaces that were way too large for the amount of guests we were having, that also required us to work with just too many outside vendors, we decided we were taking the wrong route—FOR US.

We came to the executive decision that we wanted our wedding in a restaurant. Now, the food would be on-site—bye bye caterer!

One evening, after work, we went over for our meeting at The Loeb Central Park Boathouse. Just heading over to the venue we knew it was perfect. You see—long story short—my now husband and I started dating in high school. If you know young love, the last thing you want to do is go home to the rules and watchful eyes of your parents. SO..we spent our afternoons together in Central Park. Since then, we have had picnics, bike riding excursions, runs…tons of outings. He even proposed to me over a magnificent surprise picnic. (Guys, if you somehow found this blog BEFORE you proposed…there will be a proposal article…I am now inspired.)

Back to The Loeb Central Park Boathouse…This particular evening, the event space was set up for a wedding occurring the following day. This made it much easier for visualizing. We sat there sipping complementary wine and CHAMPAGNE while waiting for our future coordinator to come back from giving us “alone time”. WE BOOKED IT ON THE SPOT.

So, yes, we found the “perfect” spot for us. But like with a new apartment, no matter what the condition, it is a “fixer upper”—it has to be fixed to fulfill your needs and desires.



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