Starbucks Double Shot.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsFirstly…SO DELICIOUS!

The beauty of a Starbucks canned beverage is that it doesn’t change. You don’t have to worry about encountering a bad barista…EVER! Your drink is always EXACTLY THE SAME…just the way you like it…PERFECT! 🙂

What’s more is that you don’t even need a Starbucks. You can simply head over to your local grocery store, drug store, Fresh Direct…you get my point.


Insider’s Tip: It has come to my attention that the Starbucks’ in Manhattan are no longer carrying this beverage (again, you can get it in MANY other locations aside from Starbucks). DON’T FRET! They can make you a drink. No, it’s not exactly the same, perhaps a bit less sweet, but it is very similar. Just ask for a “skim vanilla double shot latte”.  YUM.


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