Waffles and Dinges.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Too good. Seriously. If you don’t love waffles, like me, you will STILL be head over heels for these. TRUST ME. If you are fortunate enough to happen upon the Waffles and Dinges cart, don’t pass it up. It would be a HUGE mistake. EPIC.

AND…don’t get the traditional syrup BS. Get the Speculous and Nutella with powdered sugar. Trust me.

Insider’s Tip: I have noted that they are typically parked right outside of the main doors of the Columbus Circle Mall and on the 81st street side of the Central Park Great Lawn.

Another Tip (thanks to my co-worker Andrew): Follow @waffletruck on Twitter. They will tell you where they are! Genius!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Central Park Great Lawn Waffle Truck Siting...



3 thoughts on “Waffles and Dinges.

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  2. this insider’s tip is sure to score me big big points with friends and family!!! I’ve been witness to the magical powers this truck processes. No one leaves this truck experience with anything least than satisfaction!
    thank you so much for your insight and sage advice!!!

    • mmm. you really really can’t go wrong with the waffle and dinges truck. Seriously, whenever I come across it it is like encountering a mirage. “It can’t possibly be (rub eyes)…it is!” GLORIOUS!


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