Piggy Bank Box.

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)

On your wedding night, the last thing you need it to worry about monetary gifts. You know, the gifts that help ease the pain of the parting with that hard earned money that you laid out to fund this now SPECTACULAR event. You don’t need to be holding checks in the inner pocket of your tux/suit. You REALLY don’t need all of your guests coming up to you asking what to do with their cash filled cards.

SO…presto…here you go…a present disguised piggy bank. GENIUS. It is way too brazen for someone to dare to open it up. THEY WILL GET CAUGHT. (Though, I must say, if that is what you are worried about then perhaps you should have double/triple checked your guest list). And…at the end of the night, someone you trust can just pick up the one box, hassle free, and protect it for you.



1. Head over to your nearest Container Store and pick up a 12″x12″ gift box (with a separate lid).
2. Then, make your way down to a fancy paper store, my favorite is Paper Presentation, and grab some decorative paper—enough to cover the entirety of your box. Do keep in mind to choose paper that will stand out in either pattern or color so that it catches the eyes of your guests.
3. While you are there buy about 10 yards of ribbon, a button (optionalREAD THROUGH THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU GO SHOPPING), a ruler, an exacto knife, scissors, packaging tape, a needle and thread (color doesn’t matter), a glue stick, and spray adhesive.

Brief note: you can execute this project in two different ways. (a) wrap the entire box at once, or (b) wrap the top and the bottom separately. We went with the later in order to play with the mix matching patterns. For the sake of complexity, I am going to explain the way we did it as you can extrapolate the gist of option “a” from there.


1. Spray one side of the base box with the adhesive.
2. Lay your decorative paper horizontally over that side (in the next steps you will repeat this process using the same piece of paper on the adjacent side).
3. Smooth the paper down pressing from the middle and dragging your hand to the outer corners eliminating any chance of bubbles.
4. Repeat this process on all sides. Voila, your base box is wrapped!
5. Grab the lid and repeat steps 1 – 4 on it.

Now that your lid is in the same condition as your base, we are ready to make the card slot.

1. Flip your lid ( 🙂 ) so that you are looking at the cardboard inside.
2. Grab your ruler and trace out the rectangle slot that you want (ours was about half of an inch wide).
3. Using your ruler, draw a line length-wise down the center of the rectangle.
4. Holding your ruler in the place where you traced your line, drag your exacto knife along its edge to cut as straight as possible along that center line. (Keep in mind that you will have to trace over this line four or five times with the exacto knife to CLEANLY break through the box.
5. Repeat this cutting process on the two short sides of the rectangle.
6. Flip the lid over and fold the “decorative paper flaps” (you have just created) back and out of your way.
7. Flip your lid back over to its cardboard side.
8. Using your exacto knife, cut along the long sides of the rectangle. (Get rid of the cardboard scraps).
9. Using your glue stick, carefully smudge along the edging of the slot.
10. Fold the “decorative paper flaps” into the slot.


Now the ribbon…WE’RE ALMOST THERE…

1. Start with the base box and center the ribbon on one of it’s sides. Fold the beginning of it about an inch deep inside of the box and adhere it down with your packaging tape.
2. Tightly stretch the other end of the ribbon down (tightly and well centered) and tape it down to the underside of your base box.
3. Cut the ribbon.
4. Repeat steps 1 – 3 on each side of your base box.

The lid…
1. Repeat the process you did on the base going along the lid parallel to the slot (not over it).
2. Now, take the end of your ribbon and put it through the slot. (Goodness, there is no way to get away from the sexual innuendos…sorry, had to be done. I got this far. WOMP!) Flip your lid and tape your ribbon down to the inside. Flip again so that the paper side is up.
3. Put the lid onto the base box to make sure that the ribbons are perfectly aligned. Then, WHILE HOLDING THE LID’S RIBBON IN PLACE, separate the lid from the base, and tape down the lid’s ribbon to its cardboard inside.
4. Repeat steps 2 – 3 to complete the last ribbon line on the lid.


1. Cut your remaining ribbon into four even pieces (a little over 12″ each).
2. Fold each into a loop by connecting them at the ends.
3. Hold the edges together by sewing a stitch (or simple stapling works, too)
4. Slip loop one through loop two, then loop three through loop one, and four through loop three.
5. Use your fingers to evenly spread the loops. Once you are satisfied, use your needle and thread to stitch several times through the center in order to hold all of the loops in place.
6. WE chose to cover the stitching with an extra button that we had laying around the house. You can use fake flowers, a button, nothing, whatever your heart desires. Now stitch that element over the center of your bow.
7. Spray your adhesive on the back of your bow and hold it down where your lid’s ribbon lines form an “X”.

YES YES, you can add a mini “thank you” chalkboard with lettered stickers. We did because we had chalkboards scattered throughout our wedding as table number markers and photo props…you can exert creativity here. Perhaps a post-it note or mirror or  torn paper with writing, a mini picture frame with a photo of alphabet kitchen magnets forming the words “thank you”…whatever works in your theme. ROCK IT!



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