The REAL Guest Book…

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When you get to a wedding you sign your name into a guest book. Quick and easy. Also, COMPLETELY impersonal. As the couple hosting the wedding, do you ever intend to look back over a book of signatures? Now you have a worthless keepsake.

As with everything else at your wedding…MAKE IT AWESOME (and personal 😉 )!

Side note: at this point, our wedding was a month and a half ago. Last night we went to one of our guests’ weddings and saw that that they copied this idea. After that, I knew I had to wake up and write about it.


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Purchase a large book that you really like. Make sure that its pages are thick blank card stock….and that there are enough of them to support the amount of guests that you will be having. Think two guest per page; one side only.

We worked with Jenni Bick to create the perfect leather bound, 10″x10″ journal/photo album styled book for us. They were lovely and easy to work with.  At the end we got our names and wedding date embossed into the cover.

Your next step would be to go to your favorite paper supply store, which for me is Paper Presentation and buy some photo corners that compliment the color of your books pages.


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Purchase medium weight card stock cards in whatever size and color works best with the book that you purchased. We went with 3.5″x5″ in the ivory. Make sure that you buy enough so that each guest has their own card.

While this guest book is personal to you, the idea is that it is also really personal to each of your guests. It is a place where they can draw you a picture, write you a joke, preach a life lesson, enlighten you to their words of wisdom, or send you their best wishes. Taking the time to involve your guests as much as possible, not only shows thoughtfulness but emphasizes that you really really care about these people. That IS why you invited them in the first place. AND now you have immortalized them; you’ve captured them in this very moment and can treasure them forever.


Go online and purchase a stamp and ink pad from Rubber Stamp Champ to personalize these cards. Ours read “To the happy couple…” After you get it in the mail, carefully stamp each card.

While you are surfing the web…buy your favorite pen (mine is Le Pen pens…as you can see in the picture above), in bulk. Make sure that you purchase enough so that each guest has one of their own.

NOW you have your guest book “signature” card inserts AND PENS. Each guest will have a card on their place setting. You have now eliminated that long line that forms and rushes people through their notes…you know…the ones that leave you with the generic “we wish you the best in your future together” monotony. THIS WAY your guests can have a moment to sit down and consider their thoughts rather than writing gibberish. Also…your timing here will allow them to mingle first and, in turn, loosen up from the cocktail hour 😉 . This will enable them to be more relaxed for better, more fun writing. You know, writing that you may want to look back upon and read again and again.


Illustration By: Michelle WilliamsCreate a guide for your day of coordinator or venue. If you aren’t particularly computer savvy, feel free to steal my guide or draw one by hand. TRUST ME though, putting these guides in the hands of the appropriate people will allow for less mind-racing sleepless nights.


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This is a great place to show off your awesome engagement photos! Have about five or six of them blown up. Then use your photo corners to hold them down in different places throughout your guest book.

NOW…Insert those photo corners into your awesome guest book making sure that they are spaced properly for the card inserts. This is the tedious part. Creating a stencil of sorts so that you know where to place your corners without measuring each time is key. If you are lazier or just don’t have the time, you can leave some double sided tape by your book and make the guests do the hard work (your book will not necessarily be clean and organized, but it may be more fun and show personality).


Now your hard work is done AND your guests can enjoy!




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