Ace Hotel

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Picture this…a coffee house mixed with a trendy lounge. YES, the luxury of sitting around and using your computer AND having a coffee OR, better yet, a cocktail—BRILLIANT! Pure brilliance.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The ambiance at Ace Hotel is fantastic. As a motion graphics designer, I have done A TON of work in dark rooms. This is just that. Like a lounge, this space is dimly lit and relaxing. The lights that they do have are incorporated in an industrial, artistic fashion—they just glow, it’s remarkable!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

So, next time you are looking for a quite place to do work that isn’t a library, or a fantastic place for a quiet conversation…THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Location: 20W 29th Street New York City, NY 10001

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

LOVE this light, it's SO creative!

Insider’s Tip: It has come to my attention that on certain nights, the Ace Hotel becomes more of a party scene. So call ahead if you plan to go on a Thursday-Saturday (212.679.2222)




Cardio Shuffle

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Much like when you have your music on shuffle and you come across a song that you don’t recognize…you know…you then either listen or switch songs. Done and done. THE POINT being that you have been confused, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Take that concept to the next level. Do it with your cardio workouts. Mix it—shuffle it 😉—up. CONFUSE YOUR BODY. Different cardio works your body in various ways. SO, instead of being comfortable…try something new! Who knows, it may just be good for you. It WILL be good for you!

Joint Email


When planning a wedding, you will get TONS of emails…TONS!  So do yourselves a favor and create a joint email address. Done and done.

This way, when you are finished with your wedding, you can choose to simply delete your account and never have to get another email from all of the wedding websites you subscribed to. Goodness. OR you can keep your new email address and use it for any joint things that you will inevitably do together…like your electronic cable bill, for instance.

click to create an account

Vendor Guide

Keep on top of…well…EVERYTHING. My, now, husband and I created this guide to help us try to keep in budget. This Vendor Guide will act as a file-o-fax for all of the information about your vendors. It will also help you manage your payments during your planning process. This is REALLY HELPFUL as vendors request various payments at different times.

Hope it helps! 🙂

Created By: Michelle Williams

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Quick tip: If you are working on a budget, set it lower than what you actually want to spend…a “fake budget”…if you will. There is no way that you will stay under budget…this way, you can go over while still being in your “real budget”.


Make your lives easier…CREATE TIMELINES! These guides will be great for you. AND if you are planning your own wedding, these will go to all of your vendors to make sure that they are all on the same page…YOUR page. Make one for your “Day Of” and a separate one specifically for your “Ceremony”.

When you make these timelines, be as precise as you can. Add in EVERY aspect of your day, big or small.

Here are mine to help guide you…GOOD LUCK!

Day Of TimelineCreated By: Michelle Williams
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Ceremony TimelineCreated By: Michelle Williams
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Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Grilled Sea Bass, Artichoke, Potato Broth

There is wedding food and then there is GOURMET. If you are looking to up your event, this is, in my humble opinion, the best way to do it. Guests typically expect “wedding food”…food that is just ok, passable. Get people talking! Your guests will be pleasantly surprised. And TRUST ME you will be hearing about it for months to come.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams
Grilled Filet Mignon, W/ Black Pepper Crust, Haricot Vert and Roasted Potatoes, Peppercorn Sauce

WE ARE STILL HEARING ABOUT OUR WONDERFUL WEDDING…AND OH, THE FOOD…IT WAS INCREDIBLE. BEST FOOD I HAVE EVER HAD!” So, now they think of your wedding when they recall the best food they ever ate, HA! It’s great to make people associate “greatness” with YOUR wedding.

Photo Credit: Franklin Williams

Herb Roasted American Rack of Lamb, Grilled Poratabellas and Artichoke, Spinach Gnochi and Mint Infused Red Wine Sauce

Mark Joseph Cakes

Graphic By: Michelle Williams

One of my earlier thoughts for our wedding cake.

Wedding cakes now-a-days STATE SOMETHING ABOUT THE COUPLE. They no longer have to be that plain white cookie-cutter cake with the sugar flowers stuck onto it. They can be creative and artistic…even cheesy. Just interesting.

Well, we tasted cakes at the quote “best cake bakers”…you know, the really pricey well known ones. Unfortunately, we were neither impressed by the taste nor the gaudy style. When you go home underwhelmed from the quoted best cake baker, you tend to worry…

WELL…we found an INCREDIBLE couple, Mark and Leslie, who make amazing cakes!  Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is their little cake company called Mark Joseph Cakes.

Cake By Mark Joseph Cakes

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Mark and Leslie’s cakes are both DELICIOUS AND GORGEOUS. The best part is that they really take the time to listen to their clients. They knew that we were EXTREMELY particular—as we both work in the design field—and wanted to help us get our exact vision. They took the time to sit with us and discuss our likes and dislikes. We went over a slide show of their past cakes and pinpointed exactly what we were and were not looking for. In the end we had came up with our own design and AND THEY FULFILLED IT TO PERFECTION! We could not be more happy with the outcome.

AND…we are looking forward to eating that top tier on our one year (well eleven year—no reason to start from scratch here ;)) anniversary! YUMMY!

Thank you again Leslie and Mark, THE CAKE WAS SPECTACULAR!


Location: 402B East 80Th Street New York, NY 10075
Telephone: 212.585.0085