Be a Creative Guest…

As “the happy couple” it is always fun to open a card that has an element of creativity. SO…in following the “golden rule”, add and interesting thoughtful aspect to your future gifts.


Our friend Ali gave us a card. On it’s edge, there were three very creative looking paper clips. The first one held a Starbucks card with a note “for your next fix”. The second held two AMC Golden Rewards movie tickets with the words “for your next date” written next to it. And the last was a check with the words “for your future” aligned with it. You see, as I am obsessed with Starbucks, we have a weekly date night, and we were celebrating the idea of a future, this was an EXTREMELY THOUGHTFUL AND CREATIVE GIFT!

Our other friends Jon and Jo Ann sent us a card in the mail. Inside laying on top of their sweet words was a check. Yes, you will get a lot of these. The difference here was that they folded their check into an origami heart. It was simple and creative. We loved it so much, that I copied it for the wedding we went to last weekend…as you can see in the photograph above.

Remember that the bride and groom put A TON of work into their wedding. You should put a bit of thought into your gift!

*Origami Heart Instructions



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