YOUR Invitations…

Make it your own. Done and done.

If you are an artist…like me, you will be screwed. Save yourself the agony of even thinking that you can purchase your invitations. YOU WILL BE DESIGNING THEM YOURSELF. If for no other reason then when your great aunt says, “love your invite. It was so creative. Did you design it yourself?” Goodness…can you imagine saying no? Lots of people will ask assuming that you made it no matter what. Just do it so you can accept the compliment instead of feeling like an underachiever every time someone brings it up.


The information that you DEFINITELY need on your invitation:

Invite your guests in one simple sentence.

  1. Your names.
  2. The date of your wedding.
  3. The time that your ceremony starts. (Make this time a half an hour earlier than the actual start time. Unfortunately, guests tend to run late.)
  4. The name and address of your ceremony venue.
  5. If your reception is at a separate location, add that or include it on it’s own card.
  6. If you have a website, it’s not a bad idea to include that as well.


WE also created our own save-the-dates.The best way to get started is to just head down to Paper Presentation and start mix and matching different card stocks, envelopes, and stickers. It’s fun!

You will find that the need for invitations doesn’t seem to end throughout this planning process. By the time we got to our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, we were too burnt out to print and cut paper for twenty-five guests. SO…we made a fun digital version and made it the main image in an email (just drag and drop into the body of your email).

Have fun with this! Remember, this and your website are the first peeks your guests have into your wedding…SO…express yourselves as a couple! That’s my way of saying DON’T BE BORING. Break free of the old, stuffy invites of your parent’s generation and be fun and creative. Then scan it and send it to me so I can make an “awesome invitations” gallery ;).

Need help with design and type? This guide from can help!



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