Bathroom Art.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I am here to change your mind about how you decorate your house. As a person who lives in a New York City apartment, you learn that you have to cherish every bit of space that comes your way. That’s not the main point.

The idea here is that your guests will spend alone time in your restroom. In your home they are entertained by you. In this one room they are left to their own devices.

Perhaps they will be taking a seat for a while. If so, why not engage them with AWESOME ARTWORK rather than that random poster of cats playing with yarn in a pale blue frame. This room is not a place for storing crap…that is what the garbage is for.

If you are an artist, this is a great place to show off one of your favorite pieces. I did. Yup, that graphic of Twiggy is mine.

If you are not artistically inclined, don’t worry…just click the “awesome artwork” link above. I’m sure that the incredibly talented artists on my other blog The Midnight Post would be happy to sell you some of theirs. Plus…having original artwork that you went out of your way to find is ALWAYS a conversation starter.

Become a collector! It’s time. 🙂


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