Be Competitive.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsSo what if people notice. Use your friends and other people in your gym as motivation…

Picture this: you are sitting on your couch catching up on your dvr list and ding an update on your phone goes off. Alas…another Foursquare update. Annoyed, you check it just to get the notification bug off of your screen. It’s your girl friend and she is pushing for an evening run in the gym. F HER!

Let that inner competitiveness take over and HIT THE GYM. Get in better shape than her ;). PUSH IT!

Now, you are in the gym…blame me. I know you read this article and now feel guilty…boohoo…blame me when you are gorgeous then. HA. Anywho…the guy on the treadmill next to you is really pushing it. Beat him. Even for twenty second intervals, push harder. Do some sprints if you need to. Nail it cause every little bit counts!



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