Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsLuke’s makes the BEST lobster rolls in the country! Done and done. Plain and simple. Yes, yes I am the judge of that…myself and hundreds of other New Yorkers.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

You see…my husband and I attended the 2011 Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble. This was a night where restaurants from all across the country set up individual stands in one loft space and compete with ferocious gusto for the title of BEST LOBSTER ROLL. Luke’s was my favorite, hands down.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsLuke’s lobster rolls are FRESH AND SIMPLE…they let the lobster stand on its own. When it comes to a lobster roll, it is about the quality of the meat, the degree to which the bun is toasted, and the overall composed simplicity. Luke’s has found and created the perfect combination…Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Being that Luke’s gets their lobster delivered daily solely from THE LUKE of Luke’s father’s processing business in Maine—Mmmmmm…Maine, the place where I am told the “best lobster comes from”— it is pure perfection.Photo Credit: Franklin Williams





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