Office Decor.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

For Mindy :)…

Don’t limit the fun ideas to the home.  Make your office homey…more specifically, let it say something about you.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsADD FUNCTIONAL DECOR.

The idea here is to minimize the “I’m at work” generic feel with out bringing in your sofa and armoire. Add a eye-catching mug, plate, and bowl combo. Mine (in the image above) are a clean white matching set. If you find yourself to be less mod and more vintage, do some mix and match pieces. Perhaps add some industrial jars. If you like the combination of modern look mixed with a vintage feel, try mixing some clean picture frames with a few small colorful apothecary bottles.

Play around with some ideas…the key is not to over do it. While it should be thoughtful, this is not your home, so don’t make it too comfy. And, for goodness sake…LIMIT THE CHACHKAS! They will only cause a mess.

PS. Please share pictures of what you came up with!



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