Racerback Tops…

Graphic By: Michelle WilliamsNow, I would think that I was stating the obvious but it has been made clear to me that I have been mistaken. It should be common sense…at this point…when wearing a racerback top, wear a racerback bra. DONE AND DONE.

Graphic By: Michelle WilliamsJust think about how ridiculous it would look to wear a racerback bra with a regular two strapped tank top. Its JUST as bad in reverse!

When was it insinuated that emphasizing bra straps was sexy? Shoot whomever put that crap in your head. Or to be kinder, just don’t follow their example. FOLLOW MINE! As punishment, let them continue to look ridiculously unkempt. And, yes, hopefully, just hopefully, they will grow out of it…fingers crossed ;).



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