Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I was encountering an issue with my snack mixes…they had way too many nuts! My lord. I was beginning to feel like a squirrel. Plus if you are like me, once you start snacking, you just don’t stop. Hello…TMJ.

SO…I made my own. Some nuts…mixed with…

1. dried apple slices
2. crystallized ginger
3. dried cranberries
4. coconut chips
5. AND cashews

Just chop it all up, toss it around in a ziplock…and…VOILA!!!


3 thoughts on “DIY Mix

  1. I don’t like all the sweets in my mix so I’m a fan of just cashews or roasted almonds. It’s healthier if you get the unsalted ones but to be honest, I’m partial to the salt and I won’t eat them without it. So I’ll take a little salt so that I don’t randomly eat something worse…like fast food!


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