YOUR Dress…

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Off the rack is one thing (no I didn’t go that route). Designer dresses are another…

I went with Vera Wang. Now, while I love her aesthetic, at the end of the day, it is my dress. I have to love it. That said, I put my own touches into it. Yes, you can do this with accessories…OR…you can do it with tailoring and altering. All it takes is a little vision and foresight.

For example:

The image above is my dress as I bought it. Clearly it is not a summer dress AND I hated the look of the one strapped drape-y toga look. SO…I got the strap removed and the top altered into a sweetheart neckline…then…I replaced the thin black sash with a thicker nude sash that was slightly darker in tone than the ivory of the gown. These two adaptations made the dress MUCH more summer friendly. More importantly, it made it Michelle-friendly. You can see my altered dress in the image below.

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Insider’s tip: As you will be purchasing your dress well in advance, you will most likely grow to hate it or question it over time. OR you will be the first bride I have encountered who didn’t. PLUS SIDE: I LOVED my dress on the “day of”…and…my guests went gaga over it. It makes it even more fun when you tell them that you made altering decisions ON YOUR OWN. LOVE IT!



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