Potted Plants

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

It’s not always about reinventing the wheel. Perhaps just reorganizing and adding a few little touches…

Here is what I started with…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams


Ugh, right? I didn’t do much, but it made a HUGE difference! I spent six dollars and bought a piece of white paint covered wood that matched the length of my air conditioner. The rest was simple reorganizing.


Use structural items from around your house that have nothing to do with plants…perhaps a piece from a serving set that you rarely see because it is packed away in your cabinet. As an example: I showcased a Saki cup that was gifted to us by my sister-in-law, Lue.

MY MAIN GOAL was to get some height variation in my window planter. I took this opportunity to highlight a couple dvd box sets that I liked the look of and mixed those with a  box that I designed for my wedding’s escort cards. I stacked these three Items and topped them with the plant that my girl friend Aliana gave to me. Now it feels a bit more showcased and in turn special.

Then…I labeled the basil plant with a chalkboard—that I also had left over from my wedding crafts—perhaps it states the obvious but that makes it a bit quirky and fun! I also added a bit of twine around it’s base to make it’s plastic planter seem more thoughtful.

The third plant I left as is in order to not clutter the space. Plus, luckily, I like it’s terracotta planter as is.

The large floor plant was just moved closer to the rest of the greenery in order to make the area feel more thoughtful and organized.

That’s it! Simple, huh…just ORGANIZE!



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