The Volumizer

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams
As a person with very little hair on my head, I have been toying with little tricks to get it to look more full. Please if you have any tips, post them here :).

In case I am a step ahead of you, here are my quick tips…

1. Start with wet hair.

2. Fill your palm with mouse—I really like Big Sexy Hair—and then use your finger tips to massage it into your roots.

3. Spray your hair with four squirts of Fructis Style Shine. This will keep    your hair from doing that nasty dry nest looking thing.

4. Flip your hair over and use your round brush to blow it out with a blowdryer.

5. For EXTRA VOLUME, use a comb to tease your roots in sections.

6. For EXTRA HOLD, spray these sections with hairspray. (I am not super attached to mine, so I will not recommend it here)

7. With your hair flipped back normally, use your round brush and blow your hair upwards (so that your arm is extended vertically)—the idea here being that you don’t ever want to pull your hair down…it just flattens is.

Good luck! YOU’LL LOOK GORGEOUS! I just know it!



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