Center Pieces

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

I am very opinionated in this matter. Many couples find it extremely important to have high towering centerpieces. The bigger the flowers the more expensive the event. In my humble opinion, expense does not equal style. This towering look is THE WRONG WAY TO GO! Not only is it gaudy, it is distracting.

Consider this…you are inevitably going to have a “randoms table” or a “singles table” either way, not every person at every table is going to know the people they are surrounded by. In this scenario, you compromising them even further by blinding them from the opposite side of the table. Forget that. Let’s say you have a table full of friends who DO all know each other…should they not be able to easily talk to one another? Just saying.

So do yourself AND YOUR GUESTS a favor and keep the flowers low. In the words of stylist Clinton Kelly (I’m paraphrasing) your flowers should not stand higher than your hand if you were to put your elbow down on the table. SEE if Clinton Kelly shares my opinion, you should too!

As for COLOR, I LIKE playing with tones rather than multiple colors. This gives an air of sophistication rather than being too punchy—ie. too loud or in-your-face. That doesn’t mean you can’t go ahead and use hot pink, I would suggest mixing in some more pale pinks with it so as to both emphasize your hot pink in contrast while also making it less harsh.

Multiple colors CAN also give a vintage vibe, if that’s the look you are going for. If so, don’t go too bright, but mix multiple “aged”—softer—colors. It will help to take a look at a vintage photo and pull color inspiration from there…I am obviously not suggesting to look at black and white or sepia toned photos. Had to be said…the thought here being that you can pull color palettes from anywhere; imagery, clothing, wallpaper, jewelry…et cetera.

Get inspired and be creative. Most of all, have fun with it all!


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