Cari R. Duprey Hair & Makeup Artistry

I had the greatest pleasure of working with Cari R. Duprey for my wedding day look. She was completely professional while also making me feel as though I was talking to a life long friend. I will ALWAYS call her when I need to be styled!

Much like her easy going demeanor, her makeup selections and suggestions were a combination of high end designer products and ones that I could easily go pick up at my corner drugstore. FANTASTIC! Especially for me…you see, I am not a high maintenance girl when it comes to hair and makeup. I LITERALLY take five minutes to blow dry my hair my hair in the morning and consider Aveeno face lotion my makeup. Yes yes, when “going out” on a weekend I like my Mac eyeshadow…WELL THERE YOU GO… that only better proves my point about the importance of a high end and low budget makeup selection.

In any case, if you are looking for the high fashion or a soft ethereal wedding look, you are in great hands with Cari; she is a fantastic listener and works to give you what you exactly want.  Seems simple, but trust me, when you find someone who ACTUALLY gives you the look you are going for, hold onto them!



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