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If you want guests at your wedding to be dancing all night long, I would undeniably, without hesitation, tell you to use a DJ—we LOVED DJ Dan Chavez from Scratch Events. We went with a DJ because we wanted to dance to songs as they have heard them before…songs that we’ve bopped our heads to while walking down the street, or belted out in the shower scaring our neighbors, or dancing to in front of our mirror…you get the idea.Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Just think, if you were going to a wedding, would you want to try to sing-a-long to a rendition of any Lady Gaga song? OR do you want to belt out the words in their proper timing…the way the songs were meant to be.Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Disclaimer: Yes, there are bands that can do a terrific job. Especially if you love “Stereo Hearts” and have just happened to have hired both Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine :D—Generally, it really depends on your crowd and what kind of event you are looking to host.


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  2. I went to a wedding with a great band last weekend in Westchester. They were the same band that performed at many of Diddy’s high-end events. They sounded like the real thing, and performed many current songs. The dance floor was filled the entire time. I would venture to say that this blog post, while well-intentioned, presents misinformation based on a close-minded, narrow point of view.

    • Wow. That band sounds as though they would be terrific. Perhaps you can share a link for our brides and grooms-to-be who prefer the band feel but still like the sound of songs as they were initially intended to sound.

      There are always exceptions to a thought or rule; and yes, I have heard good bands too. In fact, I went to a friend’s wedding recently and happily danced along to the music that the band played. It was a really fun night. I have also experienced terrible DJs. This particular thought was more of an overall tip than a die hard fact.

      Thank you for your input :).

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