Song List

Photo Credit: FS Photography

Photo Credit: FS Photography

If you want a packed dance floor, make sure you HAVE GOOD MUSIC PLAYING! Done and done. Yes, I know, this may seem like a daunting task…but, alas…if you are planning your own wedding, you have to be on top of EVERYTHING!This means, make a music list. A list that tells your DJ or band what they should be playing. I know…just another thing to do. Trust me though, this makes a HUGE difference! Your friends typically have similar interests in music…at least they know mainstream songs…so play off of that. Definitely make sure that you are only picking SONGS THAT YOU LIKE!

Here is our list to help to get you started…

List Created By: Michelle and Franklin Williams

click to enlarge

Before I let you go…if you want an event filled with dancing…go with a DJ! People want to dance to songs the way they know them; not covers of them.


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