Statement Jewlery

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Statement jewelry is not about finishing off THE Look, it’s about making it. It is the focal point of an outfit that dictates its overall feel. Instead of slapping on a smaller more subtle piece to complete an outfit, try starting with the standout piece and working around it.

ALSO, as you can see by the multi-strand pearl necklace with the vintage inspired clasp above, “statement” jewelry—even when large—isn’t synonymous with “loud”. REMEMBER WHAT A STATEMENT IS…it is saying what YOU want to be said.

…If you want to say “tacky” that is your prerogative ;).

You can also be LOUD without being bright and obnoxious…BAM!!!

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsSee…BAM…I love this House of Harlow ring. It has allowed me to take a more sophisticated look and make it young and fun. As a person who is into pop-art, this ring is apropos. That said, look for pieces that speak to you…even if it is just saying “you like me, you don’t know why, but I’m coming home with you” ;).

Have fun!


3 thoughts on “Statement Jewlery

  1. What advice would you give to people like me, who would enjoy your approach to statement jewelry, but are not terribly intuitive–okay, at times oblivious) to the statement they are making, and do not want to wear something which screams “inappropriately youthful”?

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