Age Appropriate Jewelry

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Some from MY collection

A reader left a really really good question…

What advice would you give to people like me, who would  enjoy your approach to statement jewelry, but are not terribly intuitive–okay, at times oblivious to the statement they are making, and do not want to wear something which screams “inappropriately youthful”?

Firstly, try to classify yourself as a person. I would think that I AM a more mod, organized, and metropolitan. While others may associate more with a retro, pop, jazzy, hippy, earthy, punk…et cetera.

Go further…TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR…notice your size. If you are petite, NEVER go too big with your jewelry, it will weigh you down. If you are more voluminous, bigger pieces will look balanced, while smaller ones will create disproportion. Think here for a moment of a fat man wearing a skinny tie. That tie will invariably make him look wider than if he chose to wear a thicker tie.

More to the point…

Age appropriate jewelry is definitely tricky. If you are one of those people who feels as though they don’t have “the eye”, this can definitely feel like a daunting task…especially because it is NOT FORMULAIC. Ugh, I know, I wish I could just give you a few easy steps and voila…but really, it is all about taste…

For instance, some women enjoy larger, chunkier pieces, while others like a small delicate classic pendant.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Rani's Larger Necklace

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Kris' Pendant Necklace

BUT…since you asked, I’m assuming that you will take any advice I can give. SO…I will try to make you a HOW-TO GUIDE…one with some tips where you won’t go wrong. Though I must say, in many situations, THESE RULES CAN BE BROKEN. This is but a guide…a “safety net”, if you will. Just color in the lines…

Here goes…



  • LENGTH: Stick with shorter pieces. Let it sit on your chest not your breast. Try and stay away from longer pendant pieces that land on your stomach, this will only visually drag your look downward.
  • COLOR: If you are looking to add color, try to stick to a piece that has one…a main one, that is. For instance, if you want an aqua stone, it can have brown freckly details.
  • DESIGN: Here is the trick…as you are a little older, you should now be a little wiser :). SO…go for more interesting, unique pieces. Buy less quantity and spend your money on quality. You can still buy aqua stones, but perhaps not the multi-strand necklace that you saw in a street fair last Saturday.


  • MATERIAL: Real jewelry seems to always be best here. BUT if you are going to go fake, mix in your metallic. Perhaps an interesting stone metal mix—just a heads up, this can give a very “earthy”/”hippy” look depending on the piece.  If you are more earthy, then this should work well for you.


  • QUANTITY: When you were younger, you could pull off the arm full of bracelets look. As an adult, this looks sloppy. As a more mature adult, wearing too many bracelets tends to make you look like you are loosing your mind and have seventeen cats—it makes you look lost. Try sticking to one or two TO BE SAFE. If two, make sure that they are both on the same wrist so as to avoid the wonder woman feel. —This tip can definitely be broken if you know what you are doing.


  • SIZE: As women age, many of them cut their hair shorter…this allows for a visual “up-ness”. It keeps you from looking like your face is drooping; nothing is visually pulling down. I would maintain that for earrings as they are close to your face. SO…go with a stud or a clip if you want to go bigger but try to avoid anything that hangs longer than an inch—give or take.

HERE’S THE CLINCHER…you have to be careful with your mixing. MAKE ONE PIECE THE FOCAL POINT! Lord knows—and now you do—that you don’t need a huge necklace with a matching over-sized bracelet; it pulls the eye in too many directions making the look unkempt. If you have great facial structure, highlight the earrings or necklace. If you are long and lean, try a bracelet to show off your arm length. If you have a shorter neck, try to avoid large necklaces, they will only take away from the length line…while you’re at it, try a V-neck styled top to help to create a lengthened look. I AM NOT SAYING TO SHOW CLEAVAGE…not unless you are looking for the cougar look…just telling it like it is…you’ll thank me later ;).


One thought on “Age Appropriate Jewelry

  1. I thank you for your advice. Definitely learned some good pointers. And, thank you for saving me from looking like a cougar with 16 cats 🙂 Your comments about personal size were also quite helpful!


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