Choosing Bridesmaids and Groomsmen…

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You may have a lot of close friends. THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE SHOULD ALL BE IN YOUR BRIDAL PARTY. Good lord. Then who would you have as guests…

Beyond that…it may feel like a daunting difficult decision to not include one of your close friends, and trust me I know. Do take a moment to consider these future bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Here are a few notes to keep in mind when you are going through this process…

  • Make sure that you are choosing friends and family that truly care about YOU.
  • Consider how they all would mesh personality-wise. If they don’t or won’t get along, this is going to ultimately frustrate you and affect parties that they are in charge of hosting (Bachelor/bachelorette parties and bridal shower). YOU definitely don’t need any added stress. If your best friend is a bitch…well, that is a whole other issue. OY.
  • Remember, you are asking these people to keep secrets from you AND talk about you behind your back. SO…do your best to pick people who will only say good things and have your best interests in mind.

Good luck! AND remember that you will inevitably offend someone. BUT those who truly care about you will understand your process and will be there for you no matter what. IF they do cause a fuss, they don’t care enough about you to give you peace of mind…really, they are a bit selfish and you can now be satisfied in your choice to not include them in this special process. Done and done.



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