Chic Bookshelf

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsNow, I have organized this bookshelf what feels like a billion times to no avail. I always knew the look that I was going for but just couldn’t achieve it. I have seen those huge bookshelves in home furnishing ads that have frames and vases on them…THAT IS WHAT I WANTED…but with such a narrow shelf and so many books, I had yet to figure out how to get that disheveled yet chic and thoughtful look.

AHA! Order does not equal interesting. Yes, I have known this. BUT I hadn’t yet equated it to this bookshelf issue. It finally clicked for me…


Here’s what I did…

  • I stacked books that worked well together in terms of color…ones that I would want to show off visually and laid them flat so that they piled upward.
  • I grouped together my mini notebooks—that have been driving me mental but I can’t bear to throw away—and turned them so that I could see their pages. These became my textured home-made bookend.
  • I lined up a bundle of books—much like in the before photo—and visually broke up their cumbersome feel by showcasing a much more interesting looking book directly in front of them. I LOVE this trick…it made such a difference.
  • I loved that last idea so much, that I played with it some more and put one of my larger books, face forward, behind some of my non-book chachkas.
  • Now, since my shelf is so narrow, a frame seemed too massive. So, I took a photo that I really like and laid it on top of a pile of books—it now acts as a book cover.
  • Lastly, add some THOUGHTFUL chachkas…like candle holders, decorative boxes, vases, et cetera. These will act as sculptural details that break up the monotony of books.

PRESTO! You now have an organized yet chaotic and chic bookshelf that looks cleaner AND WAY MORE INTERESTING than your previous orderly one!



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