Wilklow Orchards

Fall is quickly approaching us. UGH, I KNOW! The thing we all have to remember is that each season can bring us different types of joy. For me, fall equates to fun layers and outdoor activities where you inevitably end up inside with a warm drink and filling foods…Ah, yum.

My favorite fall activity is APPLE PICKING! Now, this can be really sucky if you go to the wrong apple orchard. SO DON’T! Instead, go to Wilklow Orchards with friends or family and have a day of fun!

Wilklow Orchards has a large variety of apples. So get educated…figure out which apple is your favorite. You may think you know…let’s just say that after that trip, my favorite apple is now my least favorite. Yup, somehow that happened. I had never heard of Golden Delicious apples until my trip last fall. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. You see, the only issue is when I buy them back home, they just aren’t the same :(. SO…I have been waiting a full year to go back and get myself the real thing! Mmmmm.

Yes, you will come back with too many apples. BUT this is only an opportunity to make more delicious treats. Last year I made an apple jam. I gave it to a few of my girlfriends while keeping one for myself. Needless to say, EVERY BOTTLE WAS DEVOURED!

After I go again this year, I will make my awesome jam AND post my step-by-step recipe for you :).

Wilklow Orchard also has a great farm stand and picnic tables. So grab some of their yummy cider donuts with some apple cider and sit back and enjoy. AND if you don’t want to make your own jam buy one at the orchard!

Above all else…just have some good ol’ fashioned kid fun! Yes, even if you are bringing kids of your own ;)!

341 Pancake Hollow Road Highland, NY 12528 . 845-691-2339


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