Farmer’s Markets

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

TAKE ADVANTAGE! Before the cold comes, make sure you go and explore a few farmer’s markets to catch what is in season. The fresh summer foods, beverages, and flowers are so flavorful and fragrant that it would be a shame to miss.  Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThe photos here are from Country Gardens farmer’s market in the Hamptons. But, HEY MANHATTANITES, don’t worry, there are tons of markets here!

Beyond fruit and flowers, these stands have cookies, honey, maple syrup, soap, and more. These heavier, thicker items really make me long for fall. Mmmm, they just have that comfort feel that make me want to snuggle up and watch the leaves fall out the window.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsSO…go explore and see how all of these freshly grown and harvested items make you feel. And, PLEASE, when you do, try something new :)…it’s too good not to.



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