One Ocean Yoga

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Firstly, before I start raving, I must point out that the second woman from the left is my aunt Jody! YES this is the photo used on their website and postcard. She is now the family celebrity!

A yoga experience…

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsWhenever I see my aunt on a weekend, we aim to take a yoga class…wherever we are. Now, I am not a yogi. Not at all. In fact, I really only go when I go with her—like twice a year. In any case, One Ocean Yoga was my absolute favorite thus far. It wasn’t just the yoga, IT WAS THE EXPERIENCE. This yoga outing was held in an open air tent (with wooden floors 🙂 ) at the Channing Daughter’s Winery amongst the Walter Channing sculpture garden.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThere was a beautiful breeze, the instructor didn’t take himself too seriously, and there was a guitarist who came to serenade us as we relaxed at the end. It was perfect…not to mention, that we had the most perfect weather. NO NEED TO FEAR the tent has siding that they put down in the rain.  So, if you are out in the Hamptons, don’t second guess it. JUST GO! The summer season is almost over and you don’t want to have to wait till next year. Though, I must say, it is well worth the wait!


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