Pretty Little Underthings

I LOVE my friend Esther’s blog Pretty Little Underthings! I became obsessed with it when I was seeking the perfect wedding underwear. Goodness, this took WAY more effort than I would have ever imagined. Thanks to Esther, I had a real idea of what was out there…

Esther’s OBSESSION WITH LINGERIE is both inspirational and informative. You can tell that she is truly passionate about each and every bra, panty, teddy, set, and robe that she encounters. This is not a mere hodgepodge of every single under-thing that she finds—NO—rather it is an extremely thoughtful stylized collection. We are lucky to get this window into her little treasures.

Really, Esther says it best…

“I think that lingerie should make you feel happy, sexy and confident. You should wear it for yourself, and only yourself (well, maybe the exception for your special someone), but it’s an entirely personal experience.”—Esther



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