Straw Hat Vendors

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsTake advantage of your city’s style! Don’t buy a seventy dollar straw hat when they are being sold on the street for well under $20—that would be common sense.

I know, I know. Sometimes vendors on the street don’t have the same quality items as the stores do. Well, THIS is definitely an exception! Straw hats on the street are fantastic! PLUS, if they get a summer beachy smell over time, you don’t have to feel bad about replacing it. If it were $70…that may be another story.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsYAY! That’s my cute hat in the photo above. I may not be the best haggler, but I got it for $14. HA. It was selling for $15. Got ’em! Now, I can go to the dollar store…


One thought on “Straw Hat Vendors

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