FS Photography

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)

We had THE VERY BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS at our wedding. Ryan and Joelle are a couple from Portland Oregon…yes, they live there…BUT…they travel to New York! 😀 Beyond being incredibly talented, they are extremely friendly.

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)

As an artist, I was struggling to find a photographic style that I could relate to. YES…I was nit-picking. I NEEDED an artistic eye with a wedding portfolio. When I came across their company FS Photography, I knew we were going to be a perfect fit. AND WE WERE!

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)

What I really loved about working with Ryan and Joelle was that they weren’t invasive. When we were doing posed photos, they gave direction while allowing us to be natural. During the actual wedding, they weren’t “in-your-face”. They were more incognito…capturing the experience as it actually was.

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)

If you are not an artist, take my advice and get in touch with them. If you are an artist, you will  DEFINITELY see what I am talking about!

Photo Credit: FS Photography (www.fsweddings.com)



Website: www.fsweddings.com
Phone: 503.922.1677
Email: info@fsweddings.com

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