L’Arte del Gelato

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

SUCH A CUTE IDEA! Too cute for my friend Whitney and I to pass up on our summer Friday Starbucks date…

L’Arte del Gelato is a gelateria that brings a hint of Italy to New York City. Each flavor is prepared fresh, daily. Sadly, this little cart is a seasonal set up…BUT…they do have multiple indoor locations around the city to satiate your gelato cravings in the colder seasons!

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsWhitney and I each sampled their creamy flavors. She had a milk with chocolate chunk flavor and I had my go-to, pistachio. Texturally, it was a bit firmer than most of the gelatos that I had in my recent trip to Italy. Now, that may be a symptom of it being in a cart. I must say, this wasn’t a negative in my mind. Just different. DEFINITELY worth a try!

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsMMMMM

Here’s the info:

Chelsea Market: 75 Nineth Avenue (15th & 16th Sts.) . 212.366.0570
West Village: 75 Seventh Avenue South (Barrow St.) . 212.924.0803
Website: http://www.lartedelgelato.com/en/index.html





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