Mark Joseph Cakes

Graphic By: Michelle Williams

One of my earlier thoughts for our wedding cake.

Wedding cakes now-a-days STATE SOMETHING ABOUT THE COUPLE. They no longer have to be that plain white cookie-cutter cake with the sugar flowers stuck onto it. They can be creative and artistic…even cheesy. Just interesting.

Well, we tasted cakes at the quote “best cake bakers”…you know, the really pricey well known ones. Unfortunately, we were neither impressed by the taste nor the gaudy style. When you go home underwhelmed from the quoted best cake baker, you tend to worry…

WELL…we found an INCREDIBLE couple, Mark and Leslie, who make amazing cakes!  Located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan is their little cake company called Mark Joseph Cakes.

Cake By Mark Joseph Cakes

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Mark and Leslie’s cakes are both DELICIOUS AND GORGEOUS. The best part is that they really take the time to listen to their clients. They knew that we were EXTREMELY particular—as we both work in the design field—and wanted to help us get our exact vision. They took the time to sit with us and discuss our likes and dislikes. We went over a slide show of their past cakes and pinpointed exactly what we were and were not looking for. In the end we had came up with our own design and AND THEY FULFILLED IT TO PERFECTION! We could not be more happy with the outcome.

AND…we are looking forward to eating that top tier on our one year (well eleven year—no reason to start from scratch here ;)) anniversary! YUMMY!

Thank you again Leslie and Mark, THE CAKE WAS SPECTACULAR!


Location: 402B East 80Th Street New York, NY 10075
Telephone: 212.585.0085




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