Cardio Shuffle

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Much like when you have your music on shuffle and you come across a song that you don’t recognize…you know…you then either listen or switch songs. Done and done. THE POINT being that you have been confused, but not necessarily in a bad way.

Take that concept to the next level. Do it with your cardio workouts. Mix it—shuffle it 😉—up. CONFUSE YOUR BODY. Different cardio works your body in various ways. SO, instead of being comfortable…try something new! Who knows, it may just be good for you. It WILL be good for you!


One thought on “Cardio Shuffle

  1. This is true. I find that after hitting the elliptical for a few weeks and then switching to the treadmill, I’m burning calories and hurting in places afterwards that I thought that I was working on the elliptical. This concept is the very essence of P90X, muscle confusion. The more you do the same thing over and over again, the more you body becomes adept at using it’s resources more efficiently. It’s similar to the concept of running 4 miles every day. If you jump on the treadmill and run the same four miles with the same incline and nothing changes, over time you will burn less calories by doing the same exercise, because your body learns how to retain more fat, carbs and proteins, and to burn them more efficiently (slowly). This is great if you want to learn to run longer distances but bad if all you’re trying to do is burn fat and shed the pounds. So mix it up… your longer, leaner self will thank you.


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