Ace Hotel

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Picture this…a coffee house mixed with a trendy lounge. YES, the luxury of sitting around and using your computer AND having a coffee OR, better yet, a cocktail—BRILLIANT! Pure brilliance.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The ambiance at Ace Hotel is fantastic. As a motion graphics designer, I have done A TON of work in dark rooms. This is just that. Like a lounge, this space is dimly lit and relaxing. The lights that they do have are incorporated in an industrial, artistic fashion—they just glow, it’s remarkable!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

So, next time you are looking for a quite place to do work that isn’t a library, or a fantastic place for a quiet conversation…THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Location: 20W 29th Street New York City, NY 10001

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

LOVE this light, it's SO creative!

Insider’s Tip: It has come to my attention that on certain nights, the Ace Hotel becomes more of a party scene. So call ahead if you plan to go on a Thursday-Saturday (212.679.2222)





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