Mother’s Dress

It has been spoofed numerous times AND actually happens…

You may think that you don’t care…but you will. SO plan a shopping day! Go out with your mother and find that “perfect gown”.

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography ( My Mother is the one on the far left.

NOW…when she just happens to spot “the perfect dress” when she is randomly out before your shopping day and buys it on the spot because it is on sale, you reserve the right to say “no” to the dress :).

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Perhaps you hate the dress OR it’s just not appropriate for the occasion. EITHER WAY, go with the “it’s just not right for the occasion.” There is no need to crush any feelings. REMEMBER she bought the dress because she was SO EXCITED about your wedding that she couldn’t help but to think about while she was out for a walk and blindly ended up in a department store. She is not doing it to frustrate you—unfortunately, if she is, and I’ve heard stories, then my approach will just kill her with kindness ;)…so stick with it!

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Photo Credit: FS Photography ( My mother is on the right and my grandmother is on the left.

At the end of the day, this is YOUR celebration, you and your husband’s. So, don’t worry about crushed feelings or saying “no” to people you care about. As long as you do it with genuine kindness and concern for their feelings, they are going to understand and support your decisions. Done and done.

Thank you mom for suggesting that I write this post.



Fit Into Your Dress

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Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Buying a wedding dress is an extremely unique process. Aside from all of the work that you put into the dress, there is the work that you have to put into yourself.

This dress you are buying months in advance. MONTHS. AND…you will be the center of attention in it. Not like any other event. This time, you could be wearing a white comforter and you’d still have all eyes on you.

SO…needless to say, you want to look your best. You want to fit perfectly in that dress…

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Well, when you buy that dress months in advance, it is fair to say that your body will change to some degree from the time of purchase to when you will actually be wearing it. Yes, that’s what tailoring is for. BUT there is only so much tailoring and there is still that thing you are fighting: time.

Here is a LAST MINUTE TRICKPhoto Credit: Michelle Williams

Both SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES add weight to you. So if you are looking to slim down quickly cut out any bread, pasta, rice…really anything starchy…AND…anything with sugar, like cookies, juice, fruit, and so on. This is a very difficult diet to stick to. I don’t recommend keeping to it after your big day because you require those nutrients that you are cutting out on a regular basis.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

On an opposing note…if you are looking to gain weight, try adding those carbohydrates back in. Still don’t add too much sugar back into your diet because that may cause some breakouts on your skin…that is the last thing you want to be worried about on your big day.

And always, drink lots of water! This will make your skin look radiant AND keep you healthy!

PS. GROOMS…this will definitely work for you too. Fit into your tux!

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (



Franklin’s Truffled Asparagus

Now, I LOVE roasted asparagus…it is such a great side dish, snack, and so usable as leftovers—toss it in a salad, reheat it and eat away, chop it up and mix it up with pasta…whatever your heart and imagination come up with.

I make a very similar variation to my husband Franklin’s recipe.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Firstly, preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Now, break off the ends of each stalk of asparagus. TIP: hold the stalk and bend close to the bottom to break. Where it naturally breaks is the amount you are meant to remove. THEN, rinse and set aside.

I follow all of the steps that you see attached to these two images WITHOUT adding the truffle oil. AND I let it bake till more blackened…that takes closer to twenty minutes. Another alternative is to stick it in the broiler for about ten minutes instead of baking at all.

Tip: It’s really all about what it looks like, so check on it every five minutes if ten minutes has gone by and it still isn’t as black as you would like.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Once clean, line your baking tray with tin foil. Uniformly lay each stalk side-by-side. When they are all lined up, pour extra virgin olive oil on top of them. Using both of your palms, roll the asparagus so that each one is coated with the oil. Heavily sprinkle ground sea salt and ground pepper on top of all of the stalks. THEN, LIGHTLY drizzle white truffle oil over the asparagus. Place the tray in the oven for ten minutes or until lightly browned underneath.

I LOVE these variations of the recipe because it is almost impossible to mess up asparagus. You can take the liberty to make your own version and I’m sure it would be absolutely delicious.

These asparagus recipes are also great because they are quick, easy, and ALWAYS please!

THE Grocery List:

  1. Asparagus (depends on how many people you would like to serve. Use your judgment)
  2. Kosher Sea Salt
  3. Ground Pepper
  4. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  5. White Truffle Oil



Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Mikey’s is an unassuming easy going burger joint located at 134 Ludlow Street in New York City.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This little hole-in-the-wall restaurant is a great stop on ANY night out!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

They have a great selection of glass bottled sodas…AND…if you want to bring your own beer or other beverage of sorts, they are more than happy to let you; in fact, they will go so far as to direct you to the nearest corner store.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The thing that I really enjoyed about this restaurant is that THEY KNOW that they are a hole-in-the-wall. Instead of fighting it, they seem to celebrate it…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Fish Burger

They celebrate this style when it comes to white washed exposed brick, hanging wire decor…and PRICE!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Lamb Burger. Satay style, onions, jalapenos and mint.

On an opposing note, while their food is inexpensive, it does not have that traditional hole-in-the-wall feel. Rather, it seems as though they have taken the traditional burger elements, that you may find at a barbecue, and put them together WITH A TWIST giving them a touch of gourmet.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

French Fries

Really, ENJOY!

Grand Central Market

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I have always loved the idea of the Grand Central Market.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

CHEERS to my dad who LOVES Junior's Cheesecake!

It has that homey feel of a farmers market in it’s style…it’s ambiance…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

It shares that same experience of walking from one specific specialized vendor’s stand to another.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The main difference here is that these are not pop up stands…they are fully functioning—at times even refrigerated—personalized stands…making it a market. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This single long hallway is filled with very fresh food and other food related products. There are tons of sauces, nuts, fruit, pastries, seafood, meats…and MOREPhoto Credit: Michelle Williams

The beauty of this, oh so cute, market is that it isn’t seasonal. Because it is indoors, this, as I have called it, “farmer’s market styled”, market is open ALL YEAR ROUNDPhoto Credit: Michelle Williams

So…enjoy, browse, and experience your food!

Budget Wisely

Spending wisely is extremely important. NEVER, EVER spend above your means. Done and done.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Kate Spade Purse

What that doesn’t mean is that every time you go shopping you have to buy discounted or cheap clothing. Shopping wisely doesn’t mean buying fifty five dollar tops. INSTEAD, use that two hundred and fifty dollars to buy one fantastic pair of boots…or a couple tops…or sweaters…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williama

Jimmy Choo Stilettos

Unless you are dressing the entire marching band, there is rarely a need to buy fifty tops in one shopping excursion. AND, if you are old enough to be reading this, chances are that you have some clothing already. SOADD to your collection…replenish it. Unless you are attending an event or undergoing a makeover, there really isn’t a reason to buy full on outfits on a single shopping excursion. Instead, stick to STAND OUT GARMENTS—ones that you are IMMEDIATELY attracted to. You know, the ones that you don’t question but instead “must have“. I am not suggesting that you spend more, I am simply stating that you buy less ;). THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT YOU CAN’T FIND LESS EXPENSIVE AWESOME ITEMS…I am merely trying to break you out of onlyspending frugally.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Club Monaco Scarf

PLUS…when you allot more for a single item, you are typically spending on—well, yes, a name…but also—QUALITY. Chances are that those pricier boots will last longer than all fifty of those five dollar tops. That is unless you love them SO MUCH that you wear them all day every day! And yes, that will happen.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

J.Crew Necklace

Here’s the idea…LOVE your clothes!

Bad Boy Chic: September 23rd 2011

You don’t need the motorcycle to be THAT sexy guy…

All black has always had that sexy bad boy appeal. BUT I am in the mindset of keeping your look clean. That said, try adapting the “classics” for a modern sleek feel…

Keep the ALL BLACK look with modern versions of classic elements. Think clean un-scuffed boots, clean un-torn black jeans, a black t-shirt with a neutral colored graphic design, and a black thick cardigan to give a sense of chic sophistication. As always, top it off with an interesting watch. THE WATCH shows that you have taste as you typically wear your watches more regularly than specific outfits.

Done and done.

Bad Boy Chic


So Far Underground T-Shirt, $62
Carhartt Men’s Klondike Jeans, �65
Pretty Green Funnel Collar Black Cardigan, $165
Black Leather Wallet, $280
Armani Jeans Black Grained Leather Worn Logo Belt, $109
Hudson York lace boot black leather, �130
BKE Boxer Briefs, $7.46
Prada ‘Infusion d’Homme’ After Shave Lotion No Color 3.4 oz, $50
Black Sqaure Watch, $200
Paul Smith Ombre Thin Stripe Sock, $30