The BEST TIP I ever got—in respect to ab work outs—is this…

Much like paper, we humans have two sides. Yup, it’s true. We have a front and a back. SO…if you are looking for stronger abs, you CANNOT solely do crunches. YOU KNOW THIS ALREADY…you have been doing crunches FOREVER (till the cows come home) while wondering what you are doing wrong…why aren’t you ripped.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Here’s your answer. YOU HAVE TO WORK OUT YOUR BACK! Tightening your back muscles will pull on the tendons that divide your stomach into that sexy six pack. ROCK IT!

Now, take a look at the image above. Yes, this is a leg curling machine that works out your butt. Right. Now think outside of the box…

Put the weight to 150, lay on your stomach, link your feet under the foot rest, and LIFT YOUR TORSO. Voila. Back workout.

DON’T STOP THERE! Look at the image below…

Graphic By: Michelle Williams

Continue to think outside of the box. Flip over so that you are now on your back, move the foot pad up so that is rests on your shins, and do some crunches. WOO! FRONT AND BACK!

And there is, you are on your way to that sexy six, eight, or twelve pack! HOT!


One thought on “Ab-DOMINATION

  1. And hey, so if you find yourself doing 20 crunches and you’re kind of blowing through them, double it, triple it, whatever. The gym is about challenging yourself!! It’s ok to hurt from working out hard, not the “oh, I think I pulled a muscle” hurt, but more the, “I really hit those abs hard today and now they are sore from good use” kind of hurt. It’s the hurt of champions, embrace it!! It’s your friend.


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