Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pain Quotidien (my friend Jared would kill me if I didn’t get you all to pronounce it properly…SO: luh paN koh-ti-dyaN) is an adorable bakery. I have been several times over the past few years. NOW it is time to write about it. “Now”, because I LOVE  their Central Park location (right inside of Central Park West on 67th Street).

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Outdoor seating is one thing, but when I find myself surrounded by a park within a major city, it seems like I have been telaported. It is a fantastic break from the city’s hustle and bustle.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsPhoto Credit: Michelle WilliamsPhoto Credit: Michelle Williams

Mmmmm…Oh yes, their food is delicious! Goodness, they make all of their own bread…just yummy. EVERYTHING is very fresh.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The last time I went, I was not so subtly eyeballing a man’s bowl of granola. It looked too good. Well, IT WAS! I just had to have it. NO SURPRISE, It was well worth it!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams
Homemade Organic Granola Bowl

I highly recommend going for a lunch or brunch before the colder weather is firmly here. AND when it is too cold, definitely go to one of their indoor locations.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Toasted Paris Ham & Gruyere Croissant with organic mesclun & mustard trio

My husband got this ridiculously good tartine. THE POINT here, is: DON’T MISS THIS ONE!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Chicken Curry Salad with side of harissa-cranberry chutney



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