Union Square Greenmarket

For: Señor Paul who has patiently waited for this post…

The Union Square Greenmarket is a farmers market in Manhattan. There are several locations both in the city and its surrounding boroughs.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I have recently discovered the beauties of these markets. Above all else, EVERYTHING is so fresh! You can taste and smell the difference in every piece of produce. It is the same difference I experienced—and wrote about—at Wilklow Orchards…the fruit has never tasted so good. Unfortunately, it just isn’t the same at a neighborhood grocery store.  Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsWhat is more exciting is that without even trying you can learn something. For instance, I learned last weekend that Dr. Seuss was not as creative as I had previously thought… GREEN EGGS ACTUALLY DO EXIST! I had heard this before, but now I have seen it with my own eyes. INCREDIBLE!

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsI mean look at the gorgeous stems on that garlic…they make such fun shapes!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Ooohhh, this tip I knew already…buy your honey and syrup locally. As the bees and trees are local to wherever they are being harvested, they are producing immune stimulating properties for that area. Transporting it brings those properties to us. WE DON’T NEED THOSE, WE NEED OUR OWN! So don’t push your body to adapt to another state or country…get the nutrients that YOU need from your state and country :).

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This is so exciting! I make a FANTASTIC eggplant parmigiana! As a city girl, I haven’t seen all sorts of fresh produce…well…these were the biggest I have ever seen. Imagine all of the dinner guests I could have!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Mmmm…AND my dad’s girlfriend Jane gave me a FANTASTIC beet salad recipe. Now, I have so many posts to write based off of my one trip to this farmers market!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The plants all smelled phenomenal! I happen to LOVE lavender…I even keep a dried bundle in my office to give it a soothing homey feel.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

There is NOTHING BETTER than fresh herbs…Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

SO…if you have a lot of sunlight…buy your own! It makes your meals so so fresh and delicious. PLUS the plants are very inexpensive; at times less costly than purchasing a bottled version. So buy yourself a plant…and…eat better food…liven up your home…and enjoy the delightful scents.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Above all else…ENJOY! It’s really hard not to.


7 thoughts on “Union Square Greenmarket

  1. I may not love going to the farmers market all the time, but I do have to say that when I’m there, I have a hard time not wanting to buy everything I see. It’s a great place to spend and early morning or mid afternoon and a great experience for anyone who has never been. Check them out, you will not be disappointed.

  2. Last night, I expeerimented with cooking eggplants. The result, made with many fresh herbs, was a ratatouille which was filling, easy to make and delicious. All ingredients, including the eggplants, were organic. So, does the outdoor market carry organic vegetables and fruits? Recipe available upon request. 🙂

  3. Do not worry friends the wonder of the market never cease… That is why i have been hooked on them for the past couple of years. i will have to make Michelle, the apple lover, my sauteed desert apple recipe soon!

  4. I can’t make it to every farmer’s market but when I do it’s amazing. Local honey and maple syrup… YUMMMO!! The veggies are a thousand times better than at your local supermarket. I’d love to try your eggplant parmagiana next time Michelle!!!

      • In response to mama schindler the farmers markets are not necessarily only selling you organic products. Typically, they are and will carry a sticker verifying that they are, but it is always worth asking to make sure. However, there is one thing that is always consistent at the market and that is freshness!
        BTW ratatouille is delicious and it must be a trend these days because you are the 3rd person i have spoken to in recent weeks that is experimenting with making it.


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