Street Fairs

I have been going to street fairs for as long as I can remember…FOREVER. As an Upper East Sider, I could walk out of my front door and just happen upon one.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThe beauty is that the classics like the grilled meats and corn on the cob have stood the test of time…while…newer more up-to-date trendy tents have popped up. Yes, even when it comes to food; I mean, now there are Thai tents! Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

AND…fancy pizza! So cute. Mmmmm.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

NOW, this stand I love! Such a great idea. Teas and spices galore! You can get fresh herbs, even crystallized ginger in whatever quantity you want! We—well, my husband, Franklin—bought savory.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Look how gorgeous…I mean really, look at those gorgeous colors. This one below isn’t even color corrected. Simply stunning.  Street Fair

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsAnd, MY GOODNESS…fur? That one was a new one to me. A bit confusing as it was over eighty degrees out. But sure. Ok. Yes, it did have it’s own “audience”—if you will.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

And what better than a fedora to go along with it? HA. Well, these straw fedoras are far more appropriate for the weather that they were being sold in. If I hadn’t bought my cute hat at a street vendor, I would have been all over this!Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Ugh, and how fun…ORIGINAL GRAPHIC TEES! Love that. In this same vein, there were original artwork tents—which sadly, but for obvious reasons I was asked not to photograph :(.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This last one made me feel like I was back in Italy. Leather purses being sold in a tent…yes, I was telaported back to Florence.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThe idea is to EXPLORE AND ENJOY…for what used to be only chachkies has developed into boutiques! Well…that isn’t to say the fun and excitingly weird do-dads don’t still exist. After all, it wouldn’t be a real street fair with out a sock tent ;).

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams




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