Agata & Valentina

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams There is little better than a gourmet grocery store. For the Upper East Siders, Agata & Valentina on 79th street and first avenue is one of the very best!Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This grocery store is filled with, as they would call it, “fine food and great ideas”.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The produce is so fresh…

They actually had a cheese maker—yes, A PERSON who makes cheese—putting together a fresh batch of mozzarella.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsTheir selection is extremely sophisticated and refined. If you are looking for oil, they have SEVERAL different kinds for you to choose from…whether you want something new or a specific flavor that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThese selections apply to everything that they have…from olives to whether you want your fruit organic or not…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams I LOVE having options! Really…I love not having to settle.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsA quick tip: When you are cooking for guests, make sure that you go to a gourmet grocery store and mention what you are planning. The people in each section of this store are extremely well versed in their trade. They will help you impress your guests…keep in mind…your meal is only as good as the ingredients you put into it!

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsAND ALWAYS REMEMBER to take something home with you! It’s way too yummy not to.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams




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