Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsMy husband Franklin and I have been searching for a good restaurant for brunch on the Upper East Side. There are some terrific restaurants around the city, but for some reason, our neighborhood lacks when it comes to good—not bar food—brunches.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Uva has been one of the better options thus far. The atmosphere that they created is very Italian. It has that mix of vintage, chic, romantic, and rustic all melded in an effortless feel.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

It has an out of city homey feel. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Their breads are INCREDIBLY FRESH…almost to a fault; once you start eating it, it is impossible to stop. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

In maintaining their Italian aesthetic, their food presentation is simplistic.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Three scrambled eggs with sausage

It is not about just filling the plate, it’s about emphasizing the flavors and freshness of the food that you ordered. The food that you expect.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Frittate Ortolana with eggplant, zucchini, peppers, broccoli, and fresh tomato

Their frittate are so delicious and fresh that I was inspired to make some at home.

As for the pancake styled french toast…if you do not have a sweet tooth, I mean a REAL sweet tooth do not order this. If you do have that taste for sweetness, this is your dish! It is extremely rich and flavorful.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

French toast made with Italian sweet bread

Enjoy this brunch all year round…BUT take advantage of their outdoor seating before it gets too cold. If you love sitting outside but want privacy from city folk power walking to do their Sunday errands, this is your place…aside from their sidewalk seating, they have a truly lovely backyard outdoor space.  It’s a really wonderful experience.


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