Escort Cards

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

After seeing all the love that our escort card boxes were getting on Style Me Pretty, I HAD to tell you all about our thought process and, well, how we actually put it all together…

I LOVE the idea of making a PERSONAL STATEMENT with your escort cards. Beyond that…they are a fantastic way of doubling the purpose of directing guests to their tables with their gift. This gives that personalized feel of a gift—which makes your guests feel EXTRA special. The idea here is to be savvy and wrap it all up as one finished, finessed wedding element. NOW your budgets for your escort cards and your gifts are combined! THINK OF ALL OF THE AWESOME IDEAS YOU CAN COME UP WITH! Ones that you can now afford. Voila. Genius.

Our thought process…

Initially, we started the easy yet tedious way…we looked through sites for inspiration…perhaps less “inspiration”, more something to emulate. After about a month of hunting, we realized that we are both too creative and that settling for something because it just looks nice wasn’t enough for us. What we wanted was something that said something about us…something that our guests would look like and immediately think was both funny and extremely creative because THEY know us.

So we scrapped hunting for ideas and started thinking about us. What is it that we love both together and independently. My obsession with Starbucks blurted out of my mouth as a joke. When Franklin, my now husband, looked back at me without a smirk and instead with a look of stroke of genius, we knew we were on the right path!

From there, we contemplated how to both organize them AND tie them into the aesthetic of the rest of our wedding. As we already had our apothecary bottles picked for our floral centerpieces, we decided that this was the direction to move in. Then it just hit us, library card boxes. We had seen the little tags for scrap books in craft stores while we were creating other elements, we were set!

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

So, here’s how we did it…

  1. We took our typical stroll over to our local Starbucks and purchased a hundred and twenty five five dollar gift cards. Insider’s tip: find a card style that you like and ask the baristas if they have more of them. Typically, they have several boxes of them. OH, and this process doesn’t take very long. All that happens is that they type the card amount and then swipe each card through. There is no excessive button pushing. All in all, it took about ten minutes.
  2. The next stop was at Paper Presentation for tiny envelopes and sticker labels to hold the Starbucks cards.
  3. Here’s the tedious part. Find the template for your sticker labels online (the information for your template is on your sticker’s package). Then proceed to type out your guest’s NAMES AND TABLE NUMBERS on each individual sticker. Insider’s tip: Choose a nice font, perhaps one from your invitation or website to keep your wedding package consistent. We took extra time to play with font size. Our first letter of the first and last name were in font size nine while the rest of the letters in the names were in seven point two five. YES EXTREMELY TEDIOUS but we loved the look. If you have the time and the will power to make every detail “perfect for you”, DO IT. The worst feeling would be to look back and say, “I should have…” or “I could have…” NO…just do it! You’ll be so happy on your big day when you did!
  4. Our next adventure was to The Container Store. There we walked directly over to the sale area where we found twelve wooden boxed. PERFECT we had twelve tables. We snatched those up and purchased them immediately.
  5. From there we searched online for “metal label holders“, found ones we liked and purchased them. Once we had those in hand, we printed table numbers, in a font that we liked from our wedding invitation, on thick card stock that we had around the house (that you can buy at any crafts or paper store). Insider’s Tip: make sure to keep the label size in mind when printing.
  6. The next step is to adhere—best to do this with crazy glue—the metal label holders to the front of the wooden box. Make sure to measure out the exact placement so that when you have all of the boxes lined up they look identical—like library card drawers. Otherwise, you will get a sloppy feel. That’s always a bummer.
  7. Once dry, insert those labels—that you made in step five—into the metal card holders.
  8. Lastly, go to a store like Costco or BJ’s and buy coffee beans in bulk. You aren’t drinking them, they’re for a crafts project, so buy the cheapest ones that you can find in a large bulk.
  9. Fill your labeled boxes with the coffee beans and then place your enveloped and labelled Starbucks gift cards in their corresponding box.

All done in under ten steps ;). LOVE IT! Trust me, you will too!




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