The outfit that I’m wearing right now inspired me to make this style set. You see, I find that when A LOT of ladies are going out dress less to impress and more to draw attention to their half naked bodies. There is something to be said for lingerie being a part of an outfit, it is a whole other ordeal when you are walking outside in a negligee. In any case, I am LOVING my look tonight and thought that it may show those nudists that layering is SEXY too! I would argue sexier.

Try playing with the idea of combining the simple with the unique. LIKE…a plain t-shirt, a solid textured skirt, and an AWESOME necklace! If you are trying to attract guys HELP THEM OUT…give them something that isn’t sexual that they can compliment you on in order to start a conversation…ie. the awesome necklace.

Now, if all goes well, you can save those sexy under garments for the “after party”—by which I mean that private time with the hot guy—or gal—that you picked up…I am NOT suggesting that you be nearly naked at an actual party ;). Goodness.

Though…I must say that I have seen outfits with sheer tops that show of stylish bras work—there is always an exception to every rule. But that works best when done in a stylish, tasteful way. NOT a full bra hanging out of a top…that’s not thoughtful, it’s messy.

I hope this inspires! Enjoy your Saturday night out IN STYLE!


Boat neck tee, $185
Rick Owens biker jacket, $3,200
Amor Psyche tube skirt, €59
Agent Provocateur underwire bra, 95
Club Manhattan copper necklace, €20
Dorothy Perkins black metal earrings, 6.50
French Connection knit scarve, €40
MAC – Small Eye Shadow – No. 211 Print 1.5g/0.05oz, $22
MAC – Small Eye Shadow – Crystal Avalanche 1.3g/0.04oz, $22
Buy essie nail color polish, power clutch Online at, $8


One thought on “Tonight!

  1. as always, reading your blog brightens my day!! I love all the beautiful clothing combinations. that you showed. I am very fortunate to have you for a shopping partner.You look chic and stunning in the blue jacket standing outside the restaurant.I have never enjoyed looking at mens clothing till i read this blog The styles and outfits makes me want to wear them GREAT STORIES and ILLUSTRATIONS !!


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