Franklin: 9.19.2011

My husband is constantly inspiring me. This is just another instance of that.

This past weekend we went out on the town, and this man looked SEXY. This is how…

He created a sleek black look for himself, paired with a light colored collared shirt…and VOILA! Simple in thought but flawless in execution. While almost all black, every element was thoughtful…not just any black shoe, the perfect one. Not just any light blue shirt, but a slim fitted one.

Think about what you are wearing and get noticed for the right reasons. OH…and always pair it with a nice cologne, because no one wants to talk to someone who smells bad ;).


Classic Vest, $332
Tiger Of Sweden Steve 06 Lace-up Shoes, $225
Michael Kors Greenwich Pant, $145
Paul Smith Shirts – Formal Slim Fit Sky Blue Shirt, $275
Barneys New York Dress Belt, $125
Barneys New York Mini Squares Mid-Calf Dress Sock, $28
Burberry Black 3 Eye Watch with Ceramic Bracelet, 40mm, $995
Lanvin Textured Tie, $150
John Varvatos Artisan Black Limited Edition, $80


One thought on “Franklin: 9.19.2011

  1. This outfit works, I can attest to it because I haven’t gotten more compliments on an outfit in a while. NOTE: It’s important that you don’t wear a white shirt with this outfit because then it becomes reminiscent of a waiter’s outfit, and that’s the last thing you want to be confused with when you’re out at a fancy party.


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