Gentlemen, Simple Layers: 9.19.2011

There is a difference between effortless and messy. The trick here is that you have to make an effort to look “effortless” ;). You see once you figure out a few outfit combinations, it will be easy. BUT yes, the first time around it may be a little work. Trust me, it’s worth it!

Fall is the perfect season to play with style. LAYER! Try wearing a traditional element that has been adapted into modern menswear…like an elbow patch.

Insider tip: Try sticking to a COLOR PALETTE…in this case, browns, blues, and tans.

GUYS, PLEASE…don’t be afraid to ask questions. This is not a machismo “I’m lost, can I have directions” situation. This is style…AND while to a degree style is subjective, there are overall rules. SO, ask me, ask a friend, ask a sales person…just don’t go in blind.

Gentlemen, Simple Layers...

Gucci shoes BROWN, �355
Burberry BU7806 Gents, �325
Paul Smith Wallets – Glamourama Billfold, $310
John varvatos star usa jeans DARK BLUE, �135
Men’S Engine Wallet Paul Smith, �100
Cerruti Striped Cuff Shirt, �110
Barbour Olive Marl Sweat Zip Up Brecklow Hunter Jacket, �95
Browns Grained Leather Belt, �80
Levi Ben Striped Gloves, $27



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