Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsPrimehouse is a B.R.Guest restaurant located on 27th Street and Park Avenue South. There is always time for a first, but when it comes to delicious cuisine, friendly staff, and great ambiance, B.R. Guest has yet to disappoint me.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

As you may have guessed by the cow graphic that I am holding, Primehouse is a steakhouse.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsIt is not an old-school styled, smoker’s jacket required, boys club steakhouse…quite on the contrary…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

It is more of a metropolitan chic, modern restaurant that plays on the classics. Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsAND, it does it flawlessly.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with Peruvian Pepper Aioli, Plantain and Avocado

The “classics” include a full bar, fine attire, AND the food. This is what I really love.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Thai Shrimp Dumplings with Heirloom Carrot, Shiitake and Spiced Coconut Broth

Welcoming all crowds, they broadened their menu to incorporate elements, like dumplings, that you wouldn’t expect to encounter at a steakhouse.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Caesar Salad with Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

I ordered the delicious Caesar Salad that you can see in the images above. It was INCREDIBLE. I want to go back just for that…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Forest Mixed Mushrooms

Primehouse goes above and beyond. They pulled our food out on carts. My gorgeous salad had it’s own cart! All of the ingredients that were initially individually displayed were mixed together in front of the whole table.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Ribeye Steaks - 28, 40, and 65 day Aged, 20 oz.

It is evident that this restaurant set high standards for themselves…more specifically their food.  As the image above illustrates, they put their undivided attention and pride into their meets…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

French Fries

It is clear that they feel this way about ALL of their food. Those french fries were both creative and incredible. If I ate steak, I would assume them to be the perfectly matched side dish.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Chocolate Souffle

Their attention to their meals goes above and beyond. When we called to make a reservation we merely mentioned that we were celebrating an anniversary. Without saying anything further…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Chocolate Brownie Nut Parfait

Now that is not only great service…it was extremely thoughtful!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

My Incredible Inlaws Rose and Frank

Happy anniversary Rose and Frank! I love you both!


One thought on “Primehouse

  1. So I’m a fan of this restaurant, so a few notes:

    If you’re looking for a steak that is truly cooked to medium, order medium well. I got mine medium and it came on the rarer side of medium. I don’t mind it because I’ll eat a rare steak but at that moment I was in the mood for true medium steak.

    And the second note is, the Thai shrimp dumplings are delicious! There is truffle oil in the broth which gives it a great aroma but doesn’t really do much in the way of taste, but I loved that. I didn’t want the truffle taste, I wanted to taste the shrimp which I did, and coupled with the scent of the truffle broth – this is a must have!



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