Budget Wisely

Spending wisely is extremely important. NEVER, EVER spend above your means. Done and done.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Kate Spade Purse

What that doesn’t mean is that every time you go shopping you have to buy discounted or cheap clothing. Shopping wisely doesn’t mean buying fifty five dollar tops. INSTEAD, use that two hundred and fifty dollars to buy one fantastic pair of boots…or a couple tops…or sweaters…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williama

Jimmy Choo Stilettos

Unless you are dressing the entire marching band, there is rarely a need to buy fifty tops in one shopping excursion. AND, if you are old enough to be reading this, chances are that you have some clothing already. SOADD to your collection…replenish it. Unless you are attending an event or undergoing a makeover, there really isn’t a reason to buy full on outfits on a single shopping excursion. Instead, stick to STAND OUT GARMENTS—ones that you are IMMEDIATELY attracted to. You know, the ones that you don’t question but instead “must have“. I am not suggesting that you spend more, I am simply stating that you buy less ;). THIS IS NOT TO SAY THAT YOU CAN’T FIND LESS EXPENSIVE AWESOME ITEMS…I am merely trying to break you out of onlyspending frugally.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Club Monaco Scarf

PLUS…when you allot more for a single item, you are typically spending on—well, yes, a name…but also—QUALITY. Chances are that those pricier boots will last longer than all fifty of those five dollar tops. That is unless you love them SO MUCH that you wear them all day every day! And yes, that will happen.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

J.Crew Necklace

Here’s the idea…LOVE your clothes!



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