Grand Central Market

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I have always loved the idea of the Grand Central Market.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

CHEERS to my dad who LOVES Junior's Cheesecake!

It has that homey feel of a farmers market in it’s style…it’s ambiance…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

It shares that same experience of walking from one specific specialized vendor’s stand to another.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The main difference here is that these are not pop up stands…they are fully functioning—at times even refrigerated—personalized stands…making it a market. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This single long hallway is filled with very fresh food and other food related products. There are tons of sauces, nuts, fruit, pastries, seafood, meats…and MOREPhoto Credit: Michelle Williams

The beauty of this, oh so cute, market is that it isn’t seasonal. Because it is indoors, this, as I have called it, “farmer’s market styled”, market is open ALL YEAR ROUNDPhoto Credit: Michelle Williams

So…enjoy, browse, and experience your food!


2 thoughts on “Grand Central Market

    • HA! The selection is definitely not as verse as a farmers market. This experience is like a farmer’s market crossed with a grocery store, or food court (though more high end 😉 ). It’s somewhat unique in that sense. Definitely worth a try!


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